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Richard is an award-winning documentary writer and composer and has also written audiobook songs and soundtracks for Bill Bryson, the world's best-selling travel author.  Musical contributions for The Independent Radio Award winning documentaries include, Dying For a Drink, Can Buy Me Love, Down To Earth and The BBCs Rowland's Over The Hill. His first musical collaboration was As Winter Faded with David Cain who composed the music for BBC adaptions of The Hobbit and The War Of The Worlds.

Additional contributors; David Langdon, Dougie MacLean, Jules Johnson, John Smudger Smith, Vicki Hobbs, Matt Black, Rosie Digance, Eric Sedge, John Mosedale, Tom Leary and Ric Sanders.

Next To Me, was written by Terry Hiscock with Richard on additional guitar, recorded and produced by Richard in his studio in Salisbury UK.

The Great Train Robbery

The Brits Who Played Woodstock

The Dancing Poppy

Fatty Arbuckle

Bumper Bundle of Why Questions

The Elephant Man

Age Of The Dinosaurs

Cruel Britannia

Florence Nightingale

Goodbye Upton Park

John Constable

Nostalgia with Rosie Digance

100 Strange Thoughts

The Loch Ness Monster

To Look For America

Next To Me - Terry Hiscock

History of Magic with John Mosedale

Who Is Banksy?

After 66 - featuring Alan Ball

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